Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Coastal Afternoon Tea Oasis

Ever heard of Corona del Mar in Southern California?  Few have, which is a shame as this 'crown of the sea' is the most charming section of Newport Beach.  Even fewer have heard of Sherman Library & Gardens, the petite botanical gardens, library and delightful gift shop located in the heart of CdM.

Yesterday I partook of their twice a month afternoon tea service, prepared by Pascal, Newport's superb French restaurant, at their satellite location, Cafe Jardin, within the confines of Sherman Gardens.  The numerous images included in this post (sorry, yes I got carried away, but I did cut out at least a dozen!) tell the story far more colorfully than I could; but suffice it to say, the experience was perfect!  A gentle breeze washed over me as I gazed out at the English garden setting complete with parasol toting Victorian lady sculpture and bubbling fountain, and all I could do was smile and say, "Thank you."

The food was every bit as good as the French restaurant fare served at Pascal proper. And the tea desserts were the best I've ever had ... and that's saying a lot!  Now, without any further adieu, here is tea at Pascal's Cafe Jardin at Sherman Gardens:

See the lovely Victorian 'lady' in the middle?

even the take-away box was cute!